Using Emerging Technology to Power the Future of Marketing in the Fitness Industry

This morning I woke up with a thought: “how could VR be used for retail and services?” The thought was prompted by a video I recently watched of Gary Vaynerchuk speaking to an audience and he just casually mentioned that people should be paying attention to VR for retail. In the moment I was likeContinue reading “Using Emerging Technology to Power the Future of Marketing in the Fitness Industry”

How to Write a Blog Like HubSpot

I spend a lot of time reading HubSpot articles. I stumbled upon their articles early in 2020 after listening to The Marketing Book Podcast and hearing them mentioned a number of times. I figured if all of these prominent marketing and sales authors are talking about HubSpot, there’s probably something good going on there. InContinue reading “How to Write a Blog Like HubSpot”

#SocialSaturdays – February 27

Every Saturday on my Instagram page I host an IGTV series called Social Saturdays. In this series I talk about what’s going on in the world of social media, and provide actionable tips and resources for social media managers and digital marketers. Check out the last three episodes here: I took a quick break fromContinue reading “#SocialSaturdays – February 27”