Struggling to Plan Social Media Content? Try This!

Creating social media content can sometimes be tricky. I don’t work in the same city as any of my clients, and during the lockdowns both physical locations were closed. So how did I plan my content?

Truth is, during the initial lockdown it was all about reaching out to the staff and clients to see if they’d be willing to contribute content. User Generated Content is a valuable tool when your business operations are interrupted.

Getting that content was not always easy. Staff changes happened, and I wasn’t always able to count on the same people from week to week. Clients were also dealing with their own lives and asking them to help with content creation during an incredibly stressful time verged on being insensitive and tone-deaf.

So I was forced to rethink my social media strategy.

Thanks to TikTok I have been exposed to a number of social media managers who are full of good tips and tricks. One of the best lessons I learned from their 1-minute promo clips is that you should look at social media content as a solution to 4 problems: education, promotion, inspiration/entertainment, and engagement. According to the HubSpot flywheel, content should also attract, engage, and delight.

So using all of this, I now have a pretty fool-proof social media content creation strategy.

Let’s use the flywheel elements as our main framework for social media content. Content that attracts will be entertaining, inspiring, and educational. Engaging content should engage (duh), and entertain (in order to drive more engagement like saves and comments), and promote (enjoying the content so much that they click the shop link or fill out a lead form). And finally, once you have customers, you want to delight them with entertaining and inspiring content, such a testimonials and company updates.

So now let’s look at what each of these types of content can include.

Attract, Engage and Delight Content Ideas for Personal Trainers

By following this content layout, and keeping the 4 solutions in mind (Educate, Entertain/Inspire, Engage and Promote).

If you want a full 30-day content calendar designed specifically for personal trainers, then click the link below:

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