#SocialSaturdays – February 27

Every Saturday on my Instagram page I host an IGTV series called Social Saturdays. In this series I talk about what’s going on in the world of social media, and provide actionable tips and resources for social media managers and digital marketers. Check out the last three episodes here:

I took a quick break from Social Saturday last week because I was in Ottawa for work and visiting family and there really wasn’t any spare time in my schedule. I did have an idea for the video, but I am going to save that one for later 😉

On tonight’s show, I am talking about a couple interesting topics.

Is ClubHouse Living Up to the Hype?

Two weeks ago I talked about Twitter Spaces and how this will be Twitter’s attempt at competing against ClubHouse. Since then it feels like all I have heard about in the social media-verse has been ClubHouse this, and Clubhouse That.

More and more of the podcasts that I listen to are talking about ClubHouse and inviting their listeners to follow them on ClubHouse, which is great if you are on an iPhone. However, if you’re an android user there isn’t a way for you to join in on the fun.

I have found an app that is similar to ClubHouse and available to my fellow android users. It is called Stereo and uses avatars as talking heads, and allows you to host live podcasts (similar to ClubHouse).

Stereo App – ClubHouse Alternative

So I haven’t had the chance to really play with the app yet, but I do find the user interface very easy to use. The app is free, and when you initially sign up you get to create your own avatar, which is a fun feature. You’ll also have a chance to choose some topics that are relevant to you as a listener and stereo user. And – it is available on iOS and Android devices (Take that ClubHouse and Twitter Spaces!) This is what my avatar and profile looks like.

Once you’ve created your profile and chosen a couple relevant topics to follow, you’ll be taken to the main listening page of the app. This is the one area that I don’t love, but only because it auto-plays the audio. You are able to mute the app, but I would prefer an option to yes, join, or to simply keep swiping through the shows and have the muted feature as the default.

Speaking of which, that is a fun feature of the app. Unlike ClubHouse where the shows are invite only, Stereo allows you to swipe through shows and discover new topics very easily. While watching a show you also have the chance to send reactions, which is a feature found on Twitter Spaces. You can record a quick message as well, or share the show with friends.

Sample screen from the stereo app

When you want to go live for a show you have to partner with someone in order to go live. This is where having friends on the app comes in handy. You can invite a friend, colleague, or guest to go live with you and start your live audio immediately, or Stereo will pair you with someone in your niche.

If you are adventurous and feel like having a conversation with a stranger to get new insights and perspectives, this is actually a very cool feature. The openness and randomness of it makes this a true social platform because you get to connect with people you know, but also get to know new people.

If you’d like to follow me on Stereo, click this link to get started.

Tips for Instagram Users

The second topic on the show is all about using Instagram. I wanted to give this platform a special shoutout in the show because I feel like it has been getting some criticisms that I choose to see as opportunities.

Instagram responds to every new trend by creating their own version.

  • Snapchat = stories
  • YouTube = IGTV
  • Pinterest = Guides
  • TikTok = Reels
  • Facebook Live = Instagram Live

Now although it may seem like they lack imagination, Instagram has always added additional features to these to make them useful tools for any creator or business. Stories have a number of capabilities, great features, augmented reality capabilities, and tons of stickers that help businesses create more conversations (DM Sticker, Ask me Anything, Polls, etc.).

WIth IGTV, although it seems like these are being forgotten by Instagram, they can create value for a business who is not ready to make the move to YouTube. I like using them because it the vertical layout feels more personal, and it is on the platform that I am creating all of my content. This allows me to tell a more consistent story throughout my feed.

I think that Guides are a very cool tool. Instagram Guides lets you choose accounts or posts to highlight in 1 guide. I have used this to create a guide for PT clients that helps them find healthy post-workout options after their session at one of our locations. When I created the guide, it notified the accounts we included and they gave us a shoutout as well. So these are a secret weapon for creating and engaging your community. It also gives you more authority within your niche because you are able to make recommendations.

Lastly, IG Reels are the best way for Instagrammers to increase their reach exponentially. Before Reels the only way to be found by other accounts was to promote your account on other platforms, or find a way onto the explore page. With Reels, users are finally able to access more instagram accounts than ever.

So although there will always been shiney new social media apps popping up, Instagram has been a leader in adapting to the new trends and giving their users similar tools while maintaining the goal of connecting users through beautiful content.

That’s it for this week! As a reminder you can watch the full IGTV #SocialSaturdays Episode tonight on my Instagram. It usually gets posted around 6:30 pm, unless I run into technical difficulties.

Let me know in the comments what you’d like me to talk about in next week’s episode!

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