How to Start Writing Articles

I have been writing content for Free Form Fitness for 2 and a half years. It seems crazy that in just 7 weeks I will have written 150 articles for them.

Here are this articles main points:

The One Thing I Always Ask Myself Before Writing

The thing is, every single week I think to myself “what the h*ll am I supposed to write about now??” Even as I stared at the blank page of this blog post I had that exact same thought.

Before I opened this page I had 15-20 ideas swirling around in my head. I have been thinking about starting this website for weeks now and have 2-3 new blog ideas every day. So why is my mind struggling to find a topic?

My theory with this is that as soon as it comes down to the moment that you have to put your words on the page there is a moment of self-doubt, or fear, or insecurity that creeps in. The questions of “who actually cares?”, and “what if it isn’t as good as I want it to be”, or even “what if people hate it”, all come to my mind when I begin the process of writing an article.

If every content writer allowed these thoughts to stop them there wouldn’t be any content online – and wouldn’t that be an absolute shame.

What Helps: Target Topics

When I write for Free Form Fitness I know that all of my topics should somehow relate back to health, fitness, and (most importantly), personal training. When I looking for a new topic to write I just have to think about something within those broad topics and ask myself a specific question. The answer to that question becomes the article.

For this article, as it is my first on this website, I had to think about what my broad topics are for this website. My tagline talks about discovering what it takes to be a self-taught marketer so what broad topics can relate to that.

For me, these topics are:

  • Content Writing Strategies (like this one)
  • Content Creation Resources (like Canva and Pinterest)
  • Marketing Ideas (from campaigns to copy)
  • Life as a self-taught marketer (from imposter syndrome to rewarding success)

With these 4 broad topics in mind I can continue to ask myself questions and seek out answers to them. Another very important part of this is that as I live my life and do my job, these topics will always be on the back of my mind. So when I complete a new project, or if I come up against a problem, I can write down the idea and share it here.

Let me say that again: write down the idea.

If you think you’re going to remember a topic idea, my hat goes off to you. There have been many great ideas lost because I thought that’d I would ” remember them later.”

So if you are new to content writing I’m going to tell you something that I wish someone had told me when I first started: know you broad topics, and then ask questions about them. Even if you think they are common knowledge, they may not be. Better yet, you may even be able to find an aspect of that common answer that most people didn’t understand. Your writing will always be unique because you’ve written it.

Just Start Writing

Once you’ve figured out your broad topics, and you have a few questions you want to answer, just start writing. Start writing whatever comes to mind and before you know it you’ll have the beginning of a great article in front of you.

I’ll share some of my favourite writing editing tools and resources in later blogs because for now I just want you to start writing. We’ll get into the nitty gritty of publishing an article at a later date.

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